Rail Freight Shipping

We work directly with all major North American railroads and offer a full range of intermodal rail transportation services spanning the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Cost Effective Freight Shipping Solutions

For long distance freight transport, hazmat materials, and extremely heavy weight cargo, train freight shipping can save time and money over truck freight shipping. The primary consideration is if the goods are near the rail head so that they are picked up and delivered directly, meaning that the train runs to the point of destination or to a hub that connects to the destination.

A variety of freight cars are available for transporting different kinds of goods.

What is the right car type for your goods?

Our experts will determine the right car type to move your product safely and securely.

  • Standard Box Car: a closed box fitted with side doors
  • Auto-carriers: specialized multi-level cars designed for shipping automobiles
  • Coil Car: a specialized type of rolling stock designed for the transportation of coils of sheet metal
  • Covered hopper: fitted with a cover for weather and temperature sensitive loads
  • Flatcar: used for larger cargo not easily loaded into a boxcar
  • Lorry: an open railroad car with a tipping trough, normally used in mines
  • Refrigerator car: a refrigerated subtype of boxcar
  • Side-dump cars: used to ship roadbed materials including ballast and large stones, and are able to unload anywhere along the track
  • Stock car: used for transporting livestock
  • 1Tank car: used for transporting liquids, such as petroleum
  • Transporter wagon: designed to transport other railway equipments