Our Safety Protocols

At Humboldt Pacific, we recognize the importance of the service we provide.

How we conduct our business depends greatly upon keeping our equipment in excellent condition, adhering to strict safety protocols, and practicing the utmost in driving safety and courtesy.

Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance

Humboldt Pacific maintains strict adherence to its Equipment Safety and Maintenance protocols, and conducts regular compliance audits and inspections.

It is the policy of Humboldt Pacific, LLC that daily inspection of all equipment shall be completed in compliance with current Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Out of Service Criteria.

The purpose of this policy is to identify critical vehicle inspection items and provide criteria for placing vehicles out-of-service subsequent to safety inspection.

Authorized personnel declare and mark "out-of-service" any motor vehicle which by reason of its mechanical condition or loading would be likely to cause an accident or breakdown. An "Out-of-Service Vehicle" sticker is used to mark vehicles "out-of-service". Humboldt Pacific does not require, nor does Humboldt Pacific permit, any person to operate any commercial motor vehicle declared and marked "out-of-service" until all repairs required by the "out-of-service notice" have been satisfactorily completed.

Emergency Recovery Program

Humboldt Pacific has in place a complete recovery program with trained personnel and equipment to efficiently and quickly respond to product spillage due to overturned fuel tank trucks. The industry guidelines requires that all carriers have resources, either in-house or contractual, to respond to a product spill.

We make every effort to ensure the utmost in safety policies and procedures are adhered to during the transportation of fuel products and while servicing our customers.

Our job is to ensure that the product we pick up and SAFELY deliver is of the highest quality and is handled with the utmost of care.

Safety is a core value at Humboldt Pacific, and this philosophy is supported throughout the company in everything we do. Management at Humboldt Pacific has established and continually supports the fact that “Safety is Everyone’s Job – All the Time!"

Operational Safety

To keep pace with safety, operational and regulatory changes, Humboldt Pacific requires all terminal managers, dispatchers, drivers and driver trainers to adhere to our extensive training protocols.

Good Driver Rewards Program

hpp patch goodSafety is a core value at Humboldt Pacific, and this philosophy is supported throughout the company in everything we do. Management has established and continually supports the fact that “Safety is Everyone’s Job – All the Time!"

Working with a commitment to safety not only protects our employees, customers, company, and the communities in which we serve, it improves productivity through efficiency of our operations and ensures the future success of our company and the prosperity of every team member.

Improved safety and productivity are a result of all Humboldt Pacific team members doing their part. Everyone contributes - and improved performance means everyone wins. The Humboldt Pacific Good Driver Rewards Program rewards its Drivers who uphold the highest standards of performance and professionalism throughout each calendar year. The program is designed to recognize the top drivers of the Company Fleet and actively promote the values of the Company. 

Fuel Tank Driver

The fuel tank truck driver is a commerically licensed and certified person who transports bulk petroleum based products using a specialized vehicle and tanker trailer for carrying flammable liquids. 

Training and Procedures

Humboldt Pacific's Driver Training is designed to cover all the knowledge and skills required of a petroleum tanker driver to perform the job to a high and consistent standard.
Training is focused on five areas of competency and proficiency:
  • Driver ability to safely and correctly prepare to deliver petroleum products by road tanker.
  • Driver ability to safely and correctly load petroleum products into road tankers.
  • Driver ability to safely and correctly drive petroleum product road tankers.
  • Driver ability to safely and correctly offload petroleum products.
  • Driver ability to deliver petroleum products by road tanker according to industry sub-sector requirements.

Humboldt Pacific, LLC holds these state, federal, & agency licenses, permits, & certifications:

  • Federal Haz-Mat Authority: 061312554020UV
  • Alliance for Uniform Haz-Mat Transportation Procedures Uniform Program Credentials: UPM-1920722-NV
  • CA Highway Patrol Haz-Mat: 40253
  • CA Motor Carrier: 40253
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Carrier: 1920722
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Broker: 2359978
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Authority (Carrier): 687450
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Authority (Broker): 803601
  • Oregon Authority: 146319

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