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We take the safety and health of our customers, partners and our team members seriously. Humboldt Pacific, LLC closely monitors the ever-evolving COVID 19 CDC recommendations and abides by the regulations set forth by federal and state health authorities.


Moving the Fuel that Moves America.™

With a dedicated fleet and as a licensed logistics broker, Humboldt Pacific, LLC specializes in the safe transport and on-site delivery of a wide range of petroleum based products throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our focus is in the transportation of bulk aviation fuels servicing commerical and private jets and planes. Our expertise and service extends to a wide range of petroleum-based commodities including Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), Renewable Fuels, Marine Gas Oil, Jet A Fuel, Military Grade Jet Fuel (JP-8), Ethanol, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), CardLock Fueling, Biodiesel, Red Dye Off-road Diesel, AV Gas, Clear Diesel Fuel, Bunker Fuel, Gasoline, Heating Oils and Bulk Oils via On-Highway and Off-Highway fuel delivery throughout California, Oregon, Nevada, Washington and Idaho. Our professional and HAZMAT certified team deliver to commericial and private airports, aviation emergency response, agriculture and logging equipment and aviation, consumer fueling stations, cardlock gas stations, and convenience stores (C-stores).

"At Humboldt Pacific, we know that communication, safety and on-time delivery is absolutely crucial for our customers' success. Couple a “can do” attitude and professional skills with the industry's latest equipment, and our team quickly overcomes unexpected daily obstacles, big and small. Our responsibility is to do our job right so that our customers can focus on their business and serving their customers. Bottom line ... the people who drive our company's machine are committed, and commitment turns problems into opportunities to better serve our customers.

Humboldt Pacific, LLC .... Moving the fuel that moves America."

Jeffrey D. Cyphers, President and CEO

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Since taking on our business at the first of the year, the HP team has been phenomenal!  Excellent communication all around.  They definitely have their customers' needs at the forefront of their operation and truly make my job of managing and ordering fuel so much easier!  Their drivers are attentive, professional and a critical link in the communication’s process as well.  Their drivers are consistently letting our team know when loads are due, when additional loads can be delivered and if there are ever any issues, we are made aware of them first-hand.  There is definitely a personal touch in all that they do for us and that makes all the difference! The HP team is truly a great group to work with and continues to go above and beyond for our operation each and every day.  

- Bill Carnahan, Duty Manager Signature Flight Support

Humboldt Pacific has been one of our primary carriers serving us in California. We have had a relationship with them for more than ten years now. They always go above and beyond to ensure our customers get their deliveries as requested. We, at Titan Aviation Fuels, are very appreciative of Humboldt Pacific, appreciate the job they do and looking forward to working with them for years to come.   

- Crystal Wood, Freight Manager